Sagar Yarn is aligned with the Vision of ‘Make in India’ and has pledged to use the best fibers to produce superior quality yarn and knitted fabric with world class production technology. We focus heavily on technology for our consistent quality and production standards. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing units are highly advanced and automated and ensure consistent high quality across our multiple product range. Our international standard quality assurance labs ensure the product delivery.

Blow Room Truetzschler, Germany, Uster (Jossi) Switzerland
Carding Truetzschler, Germany
Breaker Draw Frame Rieter, Switzerland
Omega Lap Former Rieter, Switzerland
Comber Rieter, Switzerland
Finisher Draw Frame Rieter, Switzerland
Speed Frame Electrojet, Spain
Ring Frame Rieter Switzerland; KTTM, Japan
Auto Coner /Link Coner Uster Quantam 3.0; Uster Quantam 4.0, Japan
TFO Savio Italy;
Cheese Winding (Precision Winder)
Yarn Conditioner SIEGER, India
Humidification Plant Luwa ( India)
Packing Auto Cone Packing Indo-Tex, India
Quality Assurance Lab AFIS PRO 2, HVI M 700; UT-5 S 400; UTJ-4; UTR-5, CLASSIMAT-5, UT-6 Jaguare; Uster Switzerland
RIB Terrot, Germany
Interlock Terrot, Germany
Single Jersey Circular Knitting (Open Width) Terrot Sinkerless, Germany
Single Jersey Circular Knitting (Tubular Width) Terrot Sinkerless, Germany